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Wei Shen Steel Furniture has been established in 1986 in Taiwan, and has grown fast and steadily over the past years. Our future goal is to carry on our good quality work and organizational values to serve you better. We concentrate on continuous improvement in product innovation and quality to meet market needs. The encouragement and supports we receive from the customers have given us confidence for providing high quality steel furniture to satisfy your tastes and needs. Our products can now be found in all major cities in Taiwan and we are also exporting steel furniture to Japan, South East Asia, Europe, U.S. and other countries.

Main Products/Service:
Metal/Wooden K/D Dining Sets, Table, Chairs, Barstool, Mid-Range Restaurant Tables/Chairs Sets, and Folding Ladders, Multipurpose Furniture, Metal-Tube Furniture, Metal-Tube K/D Furniture, Metal Tables or Desks, Metal Chairs, Ladders, Dining-Sets/Tables and Chairs, Bar Counters and Stools, Swivel-top Stools, Furniture for Hotels/Motels, Stacking Chairs, Glass Tables